serviceS & capabilities

our capabilities:

  • Die cutting – foam, corrugated, plastic corrugated
  • CNC knife cutting and routing
  • CNC abrasive wire cutting – horizontal and vertical
  • CNC gluing
  • PSA adhesive lamination
  • Skiving
  • Custom saw cutting
  • Custom slitting
  • Hot wire cutting
  • Custom lamination – any combination of foam, corrugated, plastic corrugated
  • Corrugated stitching
  • Custom packaging setup and fulfillment
  • PE foam recycling
  • PU foam recycling
  • Corrugated recycling

Outstanding Customer Service

J&S Packaging is dedicated to taking  care of our customers. We ensuring you have the products and  information you need to run your business, maintain an open line of communication with each and every customer, and provide honest answers on  lead time, production time, and delivery status.  We also help our customers monitor their inventory, and  have delivery trucks available to bring the products you need when you need them.  Our sales and customer service teams are responsive, are there for you should you have any issues, and provide smart, realistic solutions.

Design Services

J&S Packaging designs packaging products with your specific needs in mind. We guide you through the process, and recommend the materials that will work best for your project to achieve the desired solution. We have 2D and 3D CAD capabilities and can collaborate with your engineering team. J&S has the ability to make samples quickly so you can see how the packaging will work in the field, and can assist with packaging testing to certify the results. We do the research and design using cushion curves and drop test modeling to ensure the solutions we provide will work.

warehousing program

J&S Packaging offers warehousing programs to qualified customers.  We keep the agreed upon inventory on our floor for you, and deliver in 24-48 hours. When we say we will hold inventory, we do it, and you can come visit it anytime you want! We monitor the inventory for you, and assist our customers in maintaining optimal stocking levels so that they never run out of packaging. We also offer VMI programs along with the warehousing to allow you to focus on more important areas of your business, while we monitor inventory levels at the customer warehouse.



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